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off Why Should You Have Designer Cushion Covers At Your Home?

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When it comes to the overall beauty of any house, there are so many factors that one needs to consider. Paint color, furniture, fixtures, interior design style etc. can play a big role in the overall beauty. However, small things like table mats, curtains, cushions etc. also play a big role in changing the face of the house. You can rewrite the aesthetics with these small elements as well. It is just that you should know how to use them. So, a beautifully designed cushion cover can add a lot to the overall beauty of the house. Your recliner or sofa may not look the same with the new designer cushion covers. These are things your guests will first notice when they come to your house. So, there are several things to keep in mind. Let’s find out.


The pattern on the cushion cover is really important.

• The design of the cushion cover should match the overall style of the sofa.

• Speaking of wooden sofa which is traditional in nature, you can go for something like floral motifs.

• In general, for traditional sofa sets, you can choose asymmetric designs, unusual shapes and modern cuts as all these things suite well.

• I would suggest you to opt for fringe tapestry for the finest effect.

• If you have other furniture sets like a walk in wardrobe next to it, then make sure that you opt for a style that is well-suited for everything else in the room.

• Color is another important aspect. You have got to make sure that you match the colors as well.

• Mirror work is something that always elevates the look of the cushion.

By material

When it comes to your house, you may have several types of furniture for clothings. None of these should feel misplaced. Therefore, you have to carefully pick the furniture to maintain a unified style. Speaking of cushion cover, material plays an important role. The biggest concern is that it should not trap dust particles on it. Moreover, the materials should be durable. You are going to wash it several times, so you have got to ensure this. Cotton withstands several washes and you can go for it.

Ready-made or tailored

This is an important question. You can either go for ready-made covers or the ones stitched by the tailor. Well, it mostly depends on your taste. Your requirements also matter here. If you doubt your aesthetic sense, then it is better to go for ready-made. Otherwise, you can go with the tailored one.


When it comes to designer cushion covers, you need to consider all those aforementioned things. When you have the right one, it can add character to the whole room. Therefore, take your time and pick the one you think best suited for the overall style of the interior decoration.

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