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off Tips On How To Impress A First-Time Client

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If you ask the experienced people of the business world about how to handle a first-time client, they’d tell you to handle them with delicateness and fineness. They’d also tell you to “court” your clients the same way you would a first date you want to impress. If you are a new comer to the business world, you might not know all the details that impresses first time clients. If so, the below tips and suggestions are for you…

Be well prepared with your informationWhether it is regarding your meeting, or your client in general, it’s vital that you are well prepared and ready with your information and details. Regardless to whether it’s your files, presentations or printouts, be very sure that you have everything at hand before your clients arrive. Having additional knowledge of your client’s business and the type of work they usually handle will also help you in impressing your clients.

First impressions are lastingJust like in a date, you should prepare yourself to make a lasting impression. Be conscious about what you wear for your meeting. Opt for something that is smart and comfortable. Comfort plays a large part in helping you boost your confidence, so don’t disregard it. Bespoke shirts work well with both pants and skirts. The neat fitting tailored clothes will make you feel and look well put together.

The venue of your meetingApart from stunning custom tailor in Singapore, the next important factor to impress first time customers or clients, is the venue of your meeting. If it is held in your office or work space, then make sure that it’s impressive. A room that gets a lot of natural lights, and that you can control the air temperature in will work quite well. Also, make sure that the decorations and anything else in the room shouldn’t grab your client’s attention away from you.

How you treat your client Now that you are well prepared with the “trappings” and external factors, it is you who can play the rest of the game. Without a doubt, you know that you need to treat your clients with the highest regard; be it they are your first time or long term clients. Being punctual for your first meeting is vital; and so is being punctual at every moment possible. It gives your clients the impression that you are capable and willing to work. Likewise, it’s important that you pay attention to things like your speech, hand gestures and even eye contact.

Try to remember important keywords that your clients use, and repeat them when you put out your own ideas. This gives them that impression that their ideas and suggestions have been well incorporated.

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