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off Tips On Deciding On A Menu For Your Meeting

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Regardless to what your occupation is, and what part of the world you hail from, there’s something common for most business people in today’s world. And that is the fact that at least once in your career, you’ll find yourself organizing a meeting, conference or seminar. It might be with your clients, it might be for your new employees and trainees…it might even be for students; but it’s inevitable that you’ll have to organize one of these.
Apart for the content of your conference/seminar, the biggest thing (beside the venue) that needs tons of thinking through, is your food and the menu. If you have to organize a seminar or meeting, yet have no idea what your menu should be like; look no further. Here are our top tips to remember when organizing a menu for your meeting, conference or seminar.
• Organizing an event is no easy feat. In order to reduce the work load, consider opting for the professionals. Having a caterer familiar with seminar package catering Singapore handling this part of your event can make life easier and less stressful to you.
• Be mindful of those who you feed. Their age, for one, can make a significant effect on your menu. For a younger crowd, we suggest finger foods. Something that doesn’t make a mess and is easy to serve works well here.
• Healthy food catering can be a good option for almost any crowd. But if it’s a long and tiring seminar, workshop or meeting; try to include foods that provide the eater a burst of energy. Snacks and foods that include nuts or dates work perfectly here.
• Always try and balance out the food’s saltiness, spice and sweetness. The last thing you want is a restless audience due to protesting stomachs (that your food caused).
• When catering to impress, especially with potential clients, you must always look for elegant food that make an impression. Remember; we usually “eat” first with our eyes and noses. If you are interested about tea reception catering you can visit this site
• Be mindful that the smell isn’t overpowering. It can prove to be a distraction during the meeting, and the lingering smell can be unpleasant once you are done snacking.
• Unless it’s an overnight one, try to keep the food simple. There’s no need to “fill” the crowd, as this can cause them to be less attentive during the rest of the seminar.
Apart from this, all you need to focus on is to make sure that you have plenty of napkins at hand; for handing out, and for mopping up messes.

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