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off Presents For Kids Who Have Everything

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It’s become really tough to come up with ideas for gifts, even though there are new gadgets and knickknacks popping up every day. Unless you’re shopping for your own children, you’re not going to know what to buy, especially for kids that have it all. Here’s a bunch of potential gifts you can get the next time you find yourself stuck.

Concert tickets

If your thirteen year old daughter needs to give her best friend a birthday present, you could always get tickets to a concert by their favourite singer or band and chaperone them – you’d win major brownie points with that one. There’s nothing like a fun outing with your friends (you just have to be sure not to cramp their style)!


Whatever the age, all you need to do is ask the child’s parents for his or her shoe size, and buy some sneakers. A good pair of shoes is never a waste, especially for active kids. Buying children clothing in Hong Kong is usually difficult, but it’s hard to go wrong with footwear. Remember, depending on the age of the child, you might want to get a pair of shoes that is slightly bigger so that you won’t have to worry about the fit. They’ll outgrow just about everything in months anyway!


Okay, a lot of kids wouldn’t like this one, so this is more for occasions like when you can be sure your nephew has a penchant for crosswords. Puzzles and puzzle books are great gifts because they are educational and fun.

Customizable Stuff

Now, you can buy children clothing without worrying that they won’t like it, you just need to browse through the DIY shelves. A lot of stores have T-shirt sets that come with iron-on stickers of cartoon characters or glitter and paints, so kids can have fun designing their own unique outfit.

Vouchers or Gift Cards

If you’re still in doubt, just pick up a voucher from a toy or clothing store, and that way you can make sure you’ll avoid any disappointment. The birthday girl or boy can go with their parents to the store and pick up something that they definitely want or need.

Of course you could take the surprise and fun out of it all and ask the child what they want. You might get some unrealistic request, so ask for a couple of options and see what you can find (and afford). Parents might be the best sources though; they can tell you just what their kids need or want, and will be able to at least point you in the right direction.

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