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Living in a home means taking care of it daily and monthly. As a homeowner, you should love your home enough to maintain it without neglect. After all, you are probably paying a hefty mortgage for it. So, here is a list of monthly home maintenance essentials:

Vacuum or Sweep

You are expected to sweep or vacuum floors daily to keep the dust from gathering. However, this gets neglected due to work. You should then at least vacuum the rooms you use most frequently each week. And each month, you should thoroughly vacuum the whole house. If not, spiders, roaches, mice and other undesirables will take up residence alongside you.

Inspect HVAC Filters

Do not forget to call the aircon repair servicemen monthly to have the HVAC filters inspected for dust and debris. Otherwise, these could gather and cause blockages that may stop the machine from working altogether. Therefore, do not forget this task. You may not need to change the filters, but it’s a must to get them inspected nonetheless.

Check for Mold

A mold colony in the house can post a serious health risk to all inhabitants. Not all mold are harmful to humans, but some are well known to cause severe infections. Therefore, it’s in your family’s best interest to get rid of all the mold in the house. When you vacuum or sweep the house, check damp and wet areas for mold growth. When the aircon repair servicemen come to change the filters, ask them to check the wet area under the AC for mold growth. If there are damp and wet places, like walls, in the house, spray mold killing chemicals in the area anyway. 

Clean Sink Disposal

The food disposal in your sink should be cleaned monthly to avoid unpleasant blockages later. You can use special solutions for the job, or you can use vinegar, which will clean the disposal just fine. You can freeze vinegar in the ice tray and dump them down the disposal to sharpen the blades, too.

Check Water Softener

Check your water tank each month and make sure the salt level is adequate to keep the liquid soft. If not, add salt. This is an essential to keep your plumbing in the best shape as possible.

If you neglect to do any of the above, your home could go into serious disrepair. That means your property value could take a plunge too. Routine maintenance can keep your valuable equipment and the structural integrity of the home safe. Therefore, do not neglect the above mentioned duties. Click this link for more information about aircon services in Singapore.

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