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If you have a large garden in your home, chances are that you have built a shelter, like a pergola, garden tent, cabana or gazebo somewhere in it. Just like you maintain your garden, you also need to take care of these structures if you want them to look as good as your home’s interior. Few people actually take care to maintain their pergolas and gazebos, but then start complaining about the fact that canopies are ruined or that gazebo makers don’t pay attention to the build quality of their products.

No matter how well a gazebo or outdoor tent is made, it is still prone to wear and tear just like any other building structure. After all, it stands there all year long (or a bit less than that if you have a removable gazebo), which means that the outside structures are going to get battered by the sun, wind, rain and even snow on daily basis. These actions will inevitably take their toll on the structure, particularly the cloth canopy, and you will need to order a replacement canopy whenever holes and torn fabric can be seen.

 Maintaining the canopy is important, but so is making sure that you remember to sweep the inside of your pergola or gazebo once in a while. Dust will inevitably accumulate if you don’t sweep it regularly, making the place unsuitable for anyone who is sensitive or allergic to dust.  As this isn’t a particularly hard thing to do, try to do it every time you make a full clean-up of your home, or schedule it when you do the usual gardening work.

The material with which your gazebo or pergola is made matters a lot when it comes to maintenance. For example, wooden structures are sensitive to the moisture content in the air, with mosses and mold appearing on the external surface on occasion. When you see these growths, it is time to take some measures in order to avoid such formations in the future. One thing you can do is consider painting the gazebo, or you can decide to coat the wooden parts with waterproof sealants, which help to preserve the wooden look while still providing a decent level of protection.

 Since a gazebo is something more than just a feature of your garden, you should take it into consideration when planning a major overhaul of your home’s exterior. If going for a different theme, remember to make appropriate changes to your gazebo as well. A new dash of paint, gazebo curtains replacements or a new canopy can all make a world of difference, making your old gazebo look as if it was newly built just a few days ago.

 When it comes to external structures inside the perimeter of your property, you need to remind yourself that they are always part of your home: if they look in bad shape, not only will you not be able to use them for anything meaningful, but they will also bring a detrimental effect to your garden’s aesthetics.

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