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off Last Minute Party Ideas; Ramen To The Rescue!

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The Cancelled plans and last minute get-togethers with friends are definitely an adult thing. This is mainly because of how we grow in different ways, each day, as results. But last minute parties and get-togethers can be really fun too…! And the best part? You don’t have to stick to pizza or order in on occasions like this. Simply opt to throw a low mess, low stress, build your own ramen bowl party. Here’s how to have one of your own…

• Set up a food bar – quick and simple. First, you need to decide where you are to set up the food bar depending on the theme of your party, the time of day, and the weather, of course. Garden parties and apartment rooftop/balcony parties are perfect for summer; especially during the day. But if it’s for an intimate group, this can even work during the night…!

• Pick out/pick up your favorite brand – everyone has a favorite instant noodle brand. Some prefer the western brands and flavors, while others prefer oriental instant noodles. Pick out a brand you are already familiar with, as it’ll help you know exactly how long to cook the noodles, for the perfect cup of ramen.

• Have a variety to choose from – here, we’re talking about the toppings. You can get very creative here. If you have vegetarians coming over, you can choose to serve a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian toppings, as well as select an instant noodles suitable for vegetarians in UK.

• It’s all about the broth and the water – if your last minute is not so last minute, or if your pretty handy in the kitchen even in short notice, consider making a broth to cook the noodles on. Yes, you can definitely cook your instant noodles in plain, boiling water; but this is definitely more flavorsome. It also makes your guests feel like you’ve “prepared” for them.

• Get your guests to bring their own favorites – everyone has their own favorite ramen/instant noodle toppings. By asking your guests to bring their favorite toppings, you are also opening the way for your guests to have fun trying new toppings and unique combinations.

• Don’t forget to get your prettiest bowls – in last minute parties like this, presentation goes a long way. If you own pretty soup/noodle bowls, this is the time to fetch them. Don’t forget pretty forks and chopsticks too; though we advice sticking to forks if your guests are not too good at using the chopsticks. Trust us, there’ll be less to clean up!

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