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Planning your child’s birthday can be an enjoyable task. That is because more often than not they want to have themed parties. Furthermore, these themes always depend on the current popular movie. In recent times this has been the sequel of Finding Nemo. Therefore if your child is asking you to plan a Finding Dory themed party you have come to the right place. That is because although we understand that this is a fun task we also understand that it is a challenge. That is because a themed party means every aspect of the party should complement this theme. Therefore it is possible for parents to be easily overwhelmed by this concept.

Create a Budget

We understand that you want to give your child a fabulous party. But this does not mean that you should break the bank in order to achieve this goal. Therefore to avoid this make sure to discuss with your child their idea. Thereafter one can determine what is viable and what is not. Furthermore, they can also assess how much they are willing to spend on this party. Once a budget is created it would be easier to make the other decisions. That is because everything from the most affordable whiteboard to the food would depend on this budget.


When it comes to décor one can have projector screens or projector replacement lamps in Singapore showcasing different scenes from the movie as the backdrop of the party. Furthermore, if you are planning on using balloons opt to use the colours blue and yellow. One can also have dory themed birthday hats for the youngsters to wear. Furthermore, make sure to have seashells placed randomly around the venue. This would help to create the illusion of begin under the sea.

Food & Beverages

As this is a children’s birthday party it is advisable to have only finger food available. This way the children would be able to eat while on the go. Furthermore, it is crucial for the food to complement this them. Obviously, the cake would be in the shape of the dory. But one can prepare cookies in the shape of different sea creatures including Dory and Nemo. For drinks, one can opt to serve blue coloured ice lemonade. Furthermore, it is also possible to serve the guest’s ice cream floats. But one has to make sure that they are blue and yellow in colour.

Children’s birthday parties are fun to plan. But a themed party requires some additional care and planning. Therefore make sure to follow the above guide to streamline the process.

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