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Ever seen models with pimples and blemishes? Of course not. In most cases, their pictures are airbrushed to perfection but their skin still looks flawless on the runway. What is going on? These women and men go through strict regimes in order to maintain the ideal skin. We may not be models, but we can go through a similar regimen in order to get that skin too.

Take Action
If you have blemishes on your skin that just won’t go away, stop complaining and go see a doctor about freckles treatment in Singapore. A dermatologist will be able to tell you whether medicine will help your skin look better or whether you will have to learn to live with your skin. In a really desperate case, surgery might be able to treat any problems you have. If there is anything that can be done medically, then find out and do it.

Eat Right
A diet of pizza and coke will result in break outs like never before, no matter how fast or good your metabolism is. If you do not put on weight, it will show in some other way on your face, neck, legs or back. A common pimples treatment is to have healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fibre. Fibre helps the digestive process by slowing down food break down and allowing all the vitamins to be absorbed properly in to the body. It also means that you get less hungry soon. Eat right and eat plenty of fruits and veggies – your face will clear up in no time.

Drink Water
When Dame Julie Andrews was asked about her ageless face, she replied that she drank lots and lots of the same water. She would carry a few bottles in her bag of the same brand of bottled water so that she didn’t have to drink from unknown sources as she travelled between London and New York for work. If you don’t have the luxury of doing this, start drinking boiled, slightly warm water wherever you go. It might spoil certain meals sometimes (where chilled water is called for) but it will help in the long run because when the water is hot, you know that it’s not straight off the tap.

Remove the Dead Skin
Exfoliation is the single most important skin care regimen that exists. Younger folks can exfoliate once or twice a week, while older folk need to do so every two days because their skin cells die faster. When dead skin builds up on the surface of the face, there is a tendency for bacteria to cause break outs and other problems. Use a granule-based scrub to exfoliate every week. If you cannot afford to buy one, make your own with baking soda and water or sugar and water.

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