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English is the first language of only 4.7% of people in the world. All other people in European, Asian and African countries have it as one of their major official languages. It has been estimated that non-native speakers starting at 2003 be more than native speakers by a ratio of 3 to 1. Whatever the career you have in mind for your children, knowledge of this universal language is going to be a mandatory requirement.

 Start Early

It is absolutely imperative that you start practicing this early. Anyway at the school, children will be expected to use English as a medium of learning. But when they are on their own with friends, the kids will unintentionally turn to their native languages. One reason they do not like to learn a language is when the structure is different to their own. For example grammar can take a different form, or talking and writing language can be similar whereas in their language it is not. This can be overcome with English grammar tuition for primary. Even the schools do teach it, there is no harm with an extra push at a reputed institute.

 Use It At Home

Best method is to use the language at home. At least while the kids are growing up, you can use it as the medium for communication. This does not in any way mean that they should not be trained to be competent on using their own language. But your own is easy to get used to, as there will be many opportunities such as talking with relatives, friends and neighbours. English on the other hand will have to be practiced to be kept in mind.

 It Is Not Only To Talk

One thing that must be kept in mind is that your kids need to be trained to not only speak, but also read and write fluently. This has become more and more difficult to be dealt with as the internet and instant messaging technologies are making kids more used to “short form” in writing. But proper spelling and grammar is important in an official or professional scenario. Hence learning that is important. Use primary English composition Singapore to make your kids more familiar with the correct way to write. Train them to write more essays and short stories or even just put together an incident they saw, rather than use short form to make up words.

 Whilst a writer or a professor will be more accustomed to using the exact words and phrases, it won’t hurt if you know what is to be used, even if you do not use it yourself. Whenever a situation occurs for your child to show off what they know, anyone watching will be quite impressed with their vocabulary and knowledge. Then you also, can be happy of making a way for them to learn all that from a tender age.

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