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off Easy Korean Recipes For The Asian Nights

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If you want to have some Korean but cannot be bothered to drive down to the restaurant, then trying out your own hand at it is the best way. Usually for Asian recipes you need to grab the ingredients first as they are specialized. You can always substitute the vegetables to your favorite ones. So if you plan on having Asian, then go to the closest Asian supermarket and grab hold of the ingredients first.
Potato pancakes
When there are potatoes left over in the house that you do not know what to do with, then try making some potato pancakes with it. You can make a dipping sauce to go with the pancakes as well which is made of soy sauce, lime juice, chopped green onions, sliced onions, jalapeno peppers and some sugar. First make the dipping by combining the whole ingredients and setting it aside for the sugar to dissolve.For the pancake grab some grated potatoes, potato starch and mix it and heat it in medium heat. Then add around 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil and mix it well with the potatoes. Then take this mixture out and use it as a mixture to make the pancakes. You only need to cook till it browns slightly.
Fried chicken
Korean chicken wings in Hong Kong are amazing on their own because it’s sauces and flavors are so different from the others. For the seasoning you will need salt, black pepper, peanuts, potato or corn starch, minced ginger, rice or corn syrup, mustard, white vinegar, soy sauce, large seeded chili peppers cut, sesame seeds, brown sugar and grapeseed oil. Mix the meat first with the salt, ginger and pepper using your hands. Then dip the meat into potato starch and coast it lightly.
For the sauce add minced garlic, cooking coil and the cut dried chili peppers. Add soy sauce, vinegar, white vinegar, mustard sauce and cook for a few minutes. The sugar last and remove from heat and let the sugar melt. Add fried peanuts to it last.
Go back to the coated meat pieces and fry them for around 10-12 minutes. Make sure frozen chicken parts boiled well and gets fried till it’s golden brown and that its crunchy even when you use the spatula to test them.Reheat the sauce again until it starts bubbling and add the fried meat into this mix and move around until well coated. When you are serving this add some sesame seeds on top.
Substitute ingredients if you are allergic or think it can be made to taste better using another way. You can always experiment and find out your own version of these recipes.

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