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off 4 Common Mistakes Made By Inventors

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Coming up with an invention or a new idea can be an exhilarating feeling. It is truly stretching the limits of our civilization and creating something new. Inventing can be a godly act. However, in the light of the glory and excitement, there are some things that most inventors forget and they make mistakes. Here are some common mistakes inventors make.

Not getting protection

Your invention is your asset and you have the right to benefit from it. However due to something small like not submitting your patent application in Singapore on time you can lose this opportunity. There is a 12-month window after the first public disclosure of your product in which you can file for a patent. If you won’t do this within the time frame you can lose a lot of money and opportunities. If you don’t have a patent your idea would not be protected by the law.

Not searching the market

You might have an awesome idea that you are proud of but searching the market might show that it already exists. Before trying to sell or even spend money on your invention make sure to do your research and see if a similar product exists. Furthermore id it is a seemingly obvious invention that doesn’t seem to be available in the market see why it is so. Chances are that someone has already done it and failed. A little bit of research can save you a lot of trouble.

Unrealistic expectations

Many new investors think that their invention can lead to overnight success. However unless for a few lucky individuals this is not the case. With this in mind, they make very poor decisions and ruin many opportunities. Coming up with an invention is easy, but selling it and making it a commercial success can be hard. However, once you get your international trademark registration and have full authority over your idea you can start looking for potential investors to make your dream a reality. If you are interested about international trademark registration you can visit this website

Falling prey to scams

The world is full of scams and if you’re not wise you can easily fall prey to them no matter what your intentions are. Before doing anything you need to have a good idea on how your product will perform in the market and be wary of anyone who promises things that are too Make sure to do your own market research and see if your product is worth the effort. After this, you can approach potential investors.

Being an inventor is an amazing feat and you should be rewarded for your work. Make sure to make wise decisions and your success will be inevitable.

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